How to Get Referrals from Facebook Without Begging or Annoying Your Friends and Followers

Presenter: Jason Lutz, COO, The TBWS Group

How many loan officers do you know that can say Facebook is a critical referral source? Very few I bet. Yet, according to State of Inbound Marketing, 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical to their business. 

Let me be clear, you don’t need to buy anything to get referrals from social media. I’ll show you exactly what we do and show you why it works.

Get Referrals From Facebook

Why Loan Officers Need This 45-Minute Webcast

During this 30-minute webcast I’ll show you proven strategies to get social media referrals without selling. Really- nothing worse than that guy on Facebook that is constantly selling their product or service. I know you’ve got one of those friends.

The concepts that I’ll be outlining, if you follow them on your own, do take work. However, my proven strategies will increase engagement, shares, likes and of course referrals.

Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2017

Time: 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST

Company compliance doesn’t allow you to market on social media? That’s OK…we’ve got that covered too. This might seem mindboggling, but I’ll even share with you how to get compliance revved up about social media marketing.

Jason Lutz started in the mortgage industry 18 years ago as a Secondary Marketing Analyst. A few years later, he became a Loan Originator thinking that he could use his unique skill set as a secondary marketing to his advantage. Jason quickly got a blinding glimpse of the obvious, succeeding as a Loan Originator is a lot more complicated than just knowing the loan products inside and out. He persevered to ultimately become a top originator. Jason went on to start a branch, grow its closings to 15 million a month and ultimately becoming Vice President of a leading mortgage company while growing his regions to over 109 million a month in closings. Looking for a new challenge, Jason went on to Go Daddy where he conceived and launched a product for Shared Hosting to improve web developers experience building websites on WordPress and other open source platforms. As COO of Derivian Group, Jason is responsible for developing technology to help grow 1,000's of loan originators’ business, grow companies loan officer footprint, while improving the consumer’s experience.

Presenter: Jason Lutz, COO, The TBWS Group

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